Gold Coast Wealth Advisors (GCFGWealth.com) acts as the investment management division of Gold Coast Financial Group. The intent of this website is to provide more information and education about investing with our wealth and portfolio management division. We are focused and dedicated to fulfilling our valued clients’ investment objectives — retirement planning, investment strategies, asset allocation, portfolio construction, income planning, sleeping well at night, and more. To learn more, please visit our Team Section.

Investors of the 21st century have access to a large universe of investment options. The world has evolved and investors have endless opportunities to construct a diversified portfolio. With access to institutional money managers, direct investments, preferred offerings, interval funds, and so much more, we design custom tailored portfolios, uniquely designed to each of our valued investment clients – based on objectives, risk, time horizon, liquidity needs, and more. Whether it is growth or income, or both, our intention is to design a portfolio with allocations to strategic, tactical, absolute, and direct strategies to navigate the markets, mitigate volatility, and provide downside protection — in an effort to meet our clients’ investment objectives, but more importantly to allow our clients to sleep at night.

Our relationship with Claraphi allows us to access a variety of institutional money managers on a unified management platform with low minimums. Asset custodians include Folio Institutional, Schwab, and Fidelity. Historically, investors would utilize mutual funds as an easy solution to diversify. While Mutual Funds may make sense for more complex strategies, for the most part they have a long list of flaws. They are typically limited by prospectus, tax inefficient, non-transparent, and costly beyond the listed management fees, administrative fees, distribution fees, and operating expenses. Through our partnership with Claraphi Advisory Networks, we’re able to deliver access to institutional style money management and directly owned securities in UMAs – with an account minimum of only $25,000.

Beyond the public markets, we often further diversify with direct/alternative investments, non-traded (yet redeemable) preferred equities, interval funds, and a universe of other investment vehicles, products, and options. Through our broker dealer relationship with Newbridge Securities, we are able to offer a hybrid approach to your portfolio design. Without being restricted to fee only or brokerage only, we are able to operate with best intent for our clients’ financial well-being. Depending on what may best serve the clients, we maintain our dual “hybrid” platform for our clients’ best interests.

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