Portfolio Design

After our initial “discovery” meeting, our follow up meeting will often include an investment plan. We strongly support an institutional endowment style of portfolio construction versus a traditional retail asset allocation. We promote an allocation of strategies coupled with non-traditional investments to reduce daily market volatility.

When constructing an allocation, we use different strategies to work in different market environments, with the ultimate goal of increasing our clients’ net worth year over year, despite the market trends. Beyond the traditional investments, there are a tremendous amount of non-traditional and alternative investment opportunities to add diversity to your allocation.

Most people do not want to get caught up in a bear market or have a down year. While there are no straight lines in investing, using various methods and concepts to build a portfolio, our objective is to increase our clients’ assets year after year, while managing risk and mitigating volatility.
Our portfolios are constructed to be dynamic, flexible, and globally diversified with exposure to many different market segments, asset classes, and investment vehicles.

Over time, we believe that expenses, taxes, and inflation can have negative impact on your portfolio. We are committed to eliminating unnecessary investment costs and identifying tax savings strategies that can significantly improve the chances of the success of your long-term financial plan. For taxable accounts, it’s important to minimize tax consequences. While our investment allocations are not solely based on tax implications, tax consequences are taken into consideration in the design of your portfolio.

Based on your extensive personal profile, we will prepare a no obligation, personalized investment proposal, explaining the various concepts and methodologies that go into its construction.

For more information, please contact Scott Brooks at 949.545.6500.

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