Overview of Wealth Management

We have access to a variety of institutional and professionally managed investment strategies, products, and platforms to develop, design, and deliver a custom-tailored portfolio for you.

Our wealth management services are available to meet the needs of affluent individuals, families, and businesses. We work closely with you to determine your current situation and understand your financial goals and objectives with great consideration for your personal risk tolerance.

Total Wealth Management includes investment management, legal guidance, tax considerations, insurance based solutions, and anything financially related when it comes to short term decision making and the potential long term impact.

And while no plan has a straight line from A to B, and life has its set of twist, turns, and tumbles, our daily mission is to help guide and coach you through the unforeseen challenges that inevitably arise.

When it comes to designing client investment portfolios, we utilize the investment tools and strategies available to us in the 21st century. While many people want to keep it (too) simple, and follow a traditional 60% equities and 40% bond allocation, we are looking to increase returns while reducing the dreaded volatility associated with the stock market. We often suggest applying the methodologies and concepts of the large institutions and university endowments to construct a portfolio.

We think it is a much more intelligent and thoughtful method to invest hard earned assets for growth, income, and sleeping well at night.

To learn more, read about the Endowment Approach and Portfolio Design.

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